My name is Paul Bray Ouano, a Filipino freelance web developer. I make web applications and websites. I specialize in PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS and AJAX, among others.

I enjoy analyzing processes and streamlining them by creating web-based solutions. I am passionate about usability and functionality. I like to keep it simple, but complete.

I believe software should be affordable, delivered on time and should be of the best quality. Reliable client communication and support is of utmost importance to me. I have worked for local individuals and companies as well as those abroad. Local or international, I have no preference since I enjoy dealing with people of different nationalities and primary languages.

I enjoy a good challenge and thrive on solving complicated problems. Do you have a problem that needs a solution? Let me help. Drop me a note using the Contact Form on the right.

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Eric Alvin Go Po, Managing Partner, Home Mavericks, Inc.
"Everything is PERFECT! Just wanna thank you for taking our expectation out of the box and being patient with our 'demands.' Your service is beyond our expectations. Will definitely recommend you to some of our friends, especially here in Manila.:-)"
Mischelle Ogdoc, Marketing & Promotions, CEBUNEXT
"The Linkage Program has been implemented perfectly well. We commend the implementation of the project which exceeded [our] expectation. Great job."
"Paul is one of the best developers I know - solution-driven person and great analytical skills."
Keith Veloso, Freelance Graphic Artist / Web Designer
"Precision & Timing - those are the two things I like about working with Paul. He's never missed a mark. He's like the Terminator.. he gets things done. The only difference is, he has a HEART for it too."

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